Who's who

The Principal Investigator of the SPICE project is Dr Matthew Watson (Bristol University). The Work Package Leaders are Dr Matthew Watson (Bristol University), Dr Lesley Gray (Oxford University) & Dr Hugh Hunt (Cambridge University). The project involves specialists in many fields including Volcanology, Climate Science, Atmospheric Physics and Engineering to name but a few. Those involved in this research at Bristol Earth Sciences are Dr Matthew Watson (PI), Dr Pru Foster and Tanya Gray (Project Coordinator).

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Tanya Gray

Project Coordinator

I provide administrative and project management support to SPICE. In addition I engage with the media and public on behalf of this cutting-edge multi-institution research and feasibility project. The project, funded by EPSRC, NERC and STFC focuses on exploring the possibility of stratospheric solar radiation management using volcanoes as natural experiments. I have a background in climate change science and have recently expanded my research into volcanology.


Jack Stilgoe

SPICE Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement

Jack Stilgoe works on science and technology policy, particularly the governance of science and emerging technologies and public engagement with science. He was previously a senior research fellow at the University of Exeter, where he worked on a framework for responsible innovation, he has spent his professional life in the overlap between science policy research and science policy practice, first at STS (Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL), then at the think tank Demos, then at the Royal Society. His most recent research project has involved advising the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council on the governance of emerging technologies. His current research is on the governance of geoengineering - defined by the Royal Society as the "deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment". He is on the editorial board of Public Understanding of Science and a member of the Sciencewise steering group, advising the UK Government on public engagement with science.